Relic, Pt. 2

So, Flint spent more time on the computers analyzing the signal that was sent to us a little bit ago. And we have both interesting and unfortunate news.

The signal is old. Really old. 253 years old, give or take a year. It turns out that whatever probe was sending the signal, sent it at one point, and the signal’s been bouncing around in the nebula. I’m not sure how it’s managed to survive this long, you’d think it would have decayed by now, but nope. It’s still there, trying to find it’s way back to planet Kona.

It’s kind of a deflating feeling, really. When we first heard it, it sort of felt like a connection, like we were meeting an old friend, or seeing family from the past. A bridge to our origins. But now it just feels like we’re seeing ghosts of a family we never knew. I mean, yes, it’s our technology and all, but now I’m wondering if we’re ever even going to see the probe, or if the data it has sent us is even useful in any way.

Flint is going to keep researching it. I actually have a date in the Reality Dome tonight, so I’m going to go dress up now.

Captain O’Connor