So I’ve been in the reality room a handful of times since ‘disconnecting,’ but otherwise, I’ve done my best to stick to performing my duties as Captain. I think I’ve found a healthy enough balance.

Sarah has been spending about half of her free time in the reality room, and the other half on the Bridge or in my quarters, purely to hang out with me. Apparently one of her biggest complaints with the reality room is that the ‘dome-heads’ have basically no personality whatsoever. I couldn’t help but agree with her there. She did mention figuring out a way to spice things up a bit though, apparently she’s working on some games with Veronica to keep things interesting. I asked if I could come take a look, but she mentioned that the things she’s having Veronica do might not be something that I want to bear witness to. She’s absolutely correct about that.

In any case, she seems to be having a fair bit of fun, but I’m happy we still get to hang out a lot.

We also wound up actually talking about our sex life. We have it often enough, which is nice, but we figured we should just open up about the whole ‘boning holograms’ thing. Honestly, it was kind of refreshing to both just talk about how the relationship that we have with each other means more than the flings we have with the reality room characters. I imagine there might be some attachment to the dome-heads, especially if Flint can get the personality routines worked out, but ultimately, it won’t affect how much we love and care for each other. In the end, the reality dome is like really high-quality masturbation or pornography. Or something like that, anyway.

Captain O’Connor