Dome Upgrades?

So lately, whenever Sarah is taking the time to hang out with Ginger (to the extent that she can), I’ve been reading through more logs from our previous captains.

I have started pouring a lot of my attention into reading Olivia O’Connor’s logs in particular. She was a very fierce, and at times brutal captain. But this one log in particular intrigues me.

“I have terminated all access to the custom Reality Field programs.

It is clear that these programs will destroy the future of the Kona. As such, I have ordered our lead technician to encrypt the access codes to reinitialize them. Nobody can run custom programs anymore, including myself.

For the sake of maintaining the educational status of our population, I have retained access to all farming and development programs.

This is the last time I will speak of this programming. It is a poison to our species.”

So, I’ve got to be honest. I’m thoroughly intrigued. Custom Reality Dome programs? We could do more than just farm simulation carrots?

I’m going to see if Flint can help me find these access codes and decrypt them. I don’t care how long it takes. It’s not like we have anything better to do here.

Captain O’Connor