It’s been a week or so since we let Sarah out to freely navigate the ship.

So far, I’d say things have gone pretty well. Veronica, Flint, and I all continuously try to come up with excuses to talk to her, which she seems perfectly fine with. I think she’s just happy it’s only three of us bugging her instead of being crammed into a massively overloaded ship where EVERYONE can bug her on a pretty regular basis.

And frankly, I’m really happy to have her aboard. She’s proven herself to be trustworthy, at least so far, and based on scans of the environment around us, it doesn’t seem like she’s some inside agent who is secretly working on taking over our ship as a mole.

To add further comfort (and sadness, really), soon after we escaped the danger of the Canvas ship, we heard their distress signal call out again. It is a real juxtaposition (I’m using that word a lot these days) of feelings. We’re happy because the signal became more and more faint, until we could no longer hear it, so we felt safer, but of course, this almost certainly means they’re going to try again on another passing ship. Perhaps one that can’t fare as well as we did. Heck, the only reason we made it out is because of Sarah’s actions. There might not be anyone else aboard the Canvas willing to sacrifice their species for… well… someone else like us.

There are definitely a lot of mixed feelings, for sure.

Veronica feels somewhat conflicted over the situation, too. Flint, however, seems much more resolved. In conversation, he expressed something to the effect of ‘It’s us or them.’ Which, yes, is true. The hardest part is just accepting it was three of us (now five, I suppose) or a LOT MORE of them. I’m committed to my decision and I won’t turn this ship around (not that it’s only my choice, Veronica and Flint have just as much say as I do, because I’m only really a captain by technicality at this point), but I feel like this is one of those decisions that will weigh heavily upon me.

Captain O’Connor