We’ve carefully and thoroughly reviewed Sarah’s data pad, which she left in the escape pod after her crash landing. Unfortunately, we have no way to connect it to our systems and verify the authenticity of the evidence, but it seems pretty damn conclusive.

According to stolen documents, and secret recordings of Captain Irontooth on the Canvas ship, they were already in the process of covertly killing members of their elderly population. Apparently the easiest method was to wait for any given individual to be alone in a room, at which point they’d lock the doors and slowly depressurize the room, killing the occupant. Then, they’d return the air, and their family would eventually find them, dead, and assume they passed of old age.

They even managed to get the medical staff in on the ruse. The coroner would apparently confirm that they died of natural causes, and hide any evidence that they died of hypoxia.

Their plan, if they could not find a ship to steal, was to start killing more occupants in multiple phases.

Phase one was the elderly.
Phase two was the ‘non-productives,’ which was a term referring to those incapable of giving birth and sustaining family lineage.
Phase three was the ‘second-borns.’ The idea was that only the first born needed to survive to continue lineage, so they’d start killing siblings, if any.

Apparently it was easy enough to covertly target the elderly, but they knew that once they started culling younger, healthy people, they wouldn’t be able to contain the conspiracy, so they’d just have to do it all in one go, and then convince the rest of the crew that it was for the greater good.

According to the passenger manifest that Sarah recorded, they were at 817 Tika on a ship rated to carry 500. They were 317 over capacity. Holy shit.

And we just… we left them there. I mean, there’s literally nothing we could do. Even if they only offloaded their excess onto our ship, our ship is only capable of carrying 200 or so. So their excess alone would have been over a hundred over our limit. Still… that’s at least 300 Tika that might lose their lives. I think I’m going to be sick.

Captain O’Connor