Captain Olivia O’Connor

So I learned a few new things today.

Apparently, Veronica and I are direct descendants of the third captain of this ship. Captain Olivia O’Connor.

And apparently, she took her position by force. She didn’t get physically violent or anything, but when Captain Topper shirked his duties to spend so much time in the reality dome, First Officer O’Connor, with the agreement of the rest of the bridge crew, declared him incapable of running the ship effectively, and removed him from his command.

So, wow. This happened a little over 200 years ago. My great great great great grandmother was clearly a bad ass who followed through with her responsibilities and took charge when the ship really needed it. Meanwhile, I, as another Captain O’Connor, got caught jerking off in the captain’s seat by my own sister. Second best, right?

We’re expecting a response any day now from the Canvas ship that is in distress. Their distress signal became more and more clear, and then suddenly shut off. We hope this means they received our message and are planning a reply, or perhaps they’re headed in our direction.

Also, Veronica found a sizeable bag of untouched tennis balls. I don’t know where she found them. All I know is she is banging them against every surface she finds as she walks the ship, and it’s starting to get on my nerves. I hope this other ship has books.

Captain O’Connor