Reading Books

So if our calculations are correct, the Tika ship likely received our message by now. It really doesn’t make much of a difference, but I felt like noting it.

I’ve been trying to find more books for Veronica to read. There’s a number of crew quarters that have old belongings in them that we haven’t really touched much, and I don’t know if it’s out of a sense of respect for the people who lived there, or if it still feels ‘weird’ to go into someone else’s room without their permission.

My assumption is that I would find a book or two that someone had left in their room and never returned to the (admittedly small) library, but so far I’ve had no such luck. It seems as though having an assortment of books was not really planned for that well. I wonder why. You’d think we’d just have access to digital tablets that could carry more books than we’d ever be capable of reading in one lifetime, but unfortunately, that seems to not be the case. There’s only a few terminals you can sit at if you feel like reading off of a stationary screen for a few hours at a time, and believe me, I tried that. It was exhausting and painful on the back.

I wonder if they avoided small tablets because they assumed none of them would last for 250 years. Heck, maybe they DID ship tablets with us but none of them lasted longer than the first few generations. I ought to try to find out. I know there’s a file somewhere on the system that contains a list of every single piece of equipment put on this ship, but it’s a looooooong list. I’ll have to see if I can find it, and see if there’s any indication of data pads or anything of that nature.

Captain O’Connor