Foreign Communication

Something different today.

We got a message from a distant ship calling out for assistance. I called Veronica and Flint to the bridge, at which point we listened to the message a few times. It was a distress call, not in the form of an emergency, but apparently would lead to one?

Here’s a transcript, spit out from our translator:

“This is the generational ship Canvas of the Tika Federation.

We are facing significant supply and logistics issues which will ultimately lead to some inhumane decisions if we can not solve this problem.

Please respond if you can assist.

This message will repeat.”

Seeing as how there’s only three of us here, we can certainly share some excess food supply, as this ship was built to house many many MANY more. So after a quick vote, we decided to send the following message in response:

“This is the Kona Generational Ship Tailspin. We would be happy to assist in any way possible.

We can not change course, however you are more than free to track the source of our transmission and approach. We will do what we can to help you as long as it does not interfere with our journey.

Captain Tydeus O’Connor, Tailspin”

According to the data encoded with the message, it looks like it will take 12 days for the messsage to get to them, so it will likely be about a month until we hear a response. Assuming they even do respond. I guess we’ll see.

Captain O’Connor