Captain Forrester

Captain Jane Forrester. Our first captain. Someone who died over a hundred years before I was born. And I’m reading her personal logs.

Apparently she was more than just a captain, or a leader. She was a trusted public figure before this journey departed. This was apparently a necessity. She needed people to believe in her if they were going to believe in this trip.

Apparently, there were countless volunteers from all walks of life who willing to sacrifice themselves to this journey. Easily in the thousands. People who were down on their luck. People who felt they had nothing else to live for. Kona that felt that their time on their home planet was done. It was time to move on.

But they were not ideal candidates. The Kona Space Exploration Administration didn’t want bottom of the barrel individuals who formed some kind of rag tag team. They wanted people who were comfortable. Who were happy with their lives. Who were already paired up, to ensure the most likely chance of reproduction on ship. They wanted people who could build the future on our home planet just as easily as anywhere else.

And Captain Forrester needed to lead them. Not just onto a giant flying metal space boat, but into the future. She needed to prove to them that what they were doing was not some cruise ship vacation for themselves, but it was an act of selflessness that would be for the preservation and expansion of the Kona species. These people would be giving up the comfort of their routines, their possessions, their money, their very lives, all to eventuate a future that they would not survive to experience. And she succeeded. Apparently Captain Forrester was well-loved by almost everyone on the ship, and at least tolerated by the rest.

Those poor people. If only they knew it would amount to the crew of three that we have today. I wonder what went wrong.

Captain O’Connor