Structured Life

The maintenance of this ship is, for obvious reasons, incredibly important.

Thankfully, this process is relatively easy, as a lot of the maintenance systems are automated. They can even maintain themselves. The ship was designed in a manner that (hopefully, and thankfully successfully) would allow the crew to live in relative peace in their environment, not having to worry about regular repairs, or cleanups, or whatever else. Consoles and such need to be wiped down from time to time, but generally speaking, manning the ship is an easy task.

Managing the crew, however, is extremely difficult. With only three of us on this ship, things can get pretty boring at times. In more ways than one, really. There are numerous forms of entertainment on this ship, such as movies, a fitness room, and the reality dome, but after a while, it just gets stale. We’ve watched the same movies countless times, the fitness room is somewhat unnecessary because we’re already in peak shape from having to walk the entire ship on a regular basis, and frankly, the training sessions in the reality dome are just boring. Like, I get it, we need to keep up with our studies and continue to practice permaculture and all kinds of other stuff for when we eventually land, but staring at digital carrots for days at a time is just mentally draining.

I feel like I can handle it. As captain, it’s my responsibility to keep the ship in shape. But Veronica and Flint, they’ve grown restless over the years. And, well, let’s face it. I have too, at least a little bit. I used to enjoy painting, but frankly it’s hard to entertain yourself even with that when you know that the only two people who will ever see your work are just going to say trivial things like, “oh, that’s nice,” or even “Hmm? Oh. Cool,” before just walking away and forgetting about the work entirely.

Thankfully, they haven’t resorted to starting any fires. I’ve been trying to figure out important sounding tasks for them to do, to keep them busy and all, but it’s difficult, because they know this ship just as well as I do, and can smell any bullshit from a mile away. And it’s not like I’m going to feign a malfunction in some of the automated systems just to give them more work.

I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Captain O’Connor