Officially Taking Command

This is Tydeus O’Connor.

I am hereby declaring this day as the day I officially take command of the Tailspin.

Because of our significantly impaired numbers, I have been acting captain for the past dozen cycles or so. However, because of the manner in which this ships systems are designed, it was determined that no captain could be named that had not yet reached 100 marks.  The theory is that someone younger than that could not plausibly have the experience needed to command a ship of two hundred passengers. These rules certainly made sense for earlier generations, when our population was actually thriving.

Today, however, there is just me, and two others.

Veronica O’Connor. My sister. Officially in charge of provisions. Unofficially in charge of pretty much everything else, as we all are.

Flint Dawson. Our lead engineer. Well, our only engineer.

For the sake of record, I should probably state that the decision to make me captain was agreed upon by the four of us (when there were four). The prior captain, Bruce Sable, suggested that I take the helm when he passed. Veronica and Flint agreed, relieved that the honor (or burden) wasn’t passed on to them.

Since his passing, we have continued on our journey, far into the depths of space. Thankfully, with the three of us here, our journey is almost complete. If the ships calculations are correct, we should make it to the wormhole around three years from now.

Now that I have access to all of the systems designated to a the captain of this ship, I will begin recording more logs as the time passes.

Captain O’Connor