A Relic from the Past

We received something… interesting, today. Flint received a signal from a distant ship, which we later determined to be a probe. And as luck would have it, it is a KSEA signal. One of ours! Wow, right? The probe, identified as Pioneer B, was sent at some point before our ship even launched, and it’s purpose was literally to wait hundreds of years for us to show up, so it could finally tell us what it had found. And, well, it finally had the chance!

This is the first image the probe sent us.

As you can see, the probe sent us an image of our targeted destination. The image is really *really* crappy, but we think that if we get a little bit closer, the images that are sent by the probe should start to clear up. Flint is investigating the signal to see if there is anything else to it, or if it’s just imagery. In fairness, the image was *actually* sent as sound, decoded into this image, so we’re trying to see if there’s any other underlying audio, or anything like that. It’s possible that the probe is sending telemetry data that the Tailspin is already working with, but we’re not sure.

But that’s it. That’s our wormhole. That is our ticket to the future. The ticket to the end of this journey. And we’re finally almost there. I can’t believe it!

What a mix of emotions. I need to calm down before I write more.

Captain O’Connor