Something has been happening in the dome that we can’t quite figure out.

Power fluctuation, or energy bursts, or something, I’m not sure. I’m not the engineer and these aren’t Flint’s logs.

But seriously, there have been moments when I’ve been on the bridge, and there’s a power surge, and the crew calls me from the reality dome. Then, there’s times when I’m in the reality dome, and the power fluctuates, and I get confirmation from the crew that it is ship-wide. These weird anomalies only happen when someone is in there.

So far, Flint hasn’t been able to figure out a pattern to the mess. None of us have, though I’m trying to see if Sarah is running commands that we’re not aware of, or if she’s running rather… explicit… programs that require a bit more “energy” than the average romp.

I do know, that when it does happen, our systems act up a little bit. Terminals run slower (or faster, come to think of it, like there are temporary boosts in efficiency), access algorithms change, and I swear, I am not 100% sure, but I think some of the files in the library are being reorganized. I don’t remember everything being this… accessible? Other times, it’s just static or flashes or some error in the ships sensors. I’ve been trying to just chalk it up to the mysteries of space travel in a 200+ year old ship, eventually things are bound to act up, but I’m not sure. I’m just not sure.

Sarah has been able to manage to rule out Ginger, as well. Apparently one of the surges happened AS Sarah was handing Ginger a plate of food. Flint has ruled out maintenance and other usual computer systems (normally on a schedule, anyway), and Veronica, well, she hasn’t been causing problems with tennis balls or other such things, but even so, that’d be a long shot either way.

I dread the fact that we might have to start monitoring EVERY action we take, so that we can pinpoint everything we’re doing at the time of a surge. So far, nothing has been damaged and we haven’t lost any important systems, but I don’t want to risk that becoming a potential issue.

Captain O’Connor