So, Flint was able to decrypt a few more hidden subroutines with the reality room.

The main change was that he was able to unlock a full personality subroutine that basically automatically applied to all custom characters in the reality room. Apparently this absolutely freaked out Veronica. She actually hesitates going into the reality room, because, according to Sarah, she is actually very embarrassed by all of these suddenly extremely realistic projections that act like actual people.

Apparently, Veronica used to just walk around naked and choose a randomly generated character on the ‘street’ that looked nice. Now, strangers will comment on her nudity or take pictures of her. Sarah absolutely loves it, but she mentioned how Veronica hadn’t even realized that the personality routine was turned on while she was in the dome, only for a random otter at a bus stop to suddenly pull his dick out and start masturbating while staring at Veronica.

I was definitely curious, and it was a rather strange environment. It’s almost as if every projected character was given *too much* personality. Like everybody had to be doing something to gather attention. There were buskers, street performers, really regionally charged Kona stereotypes, it was a little too much. And of course, if you so much as hinted at doing anything sexual, everyone responded. Sarah flashed her chest, and everyone was immediately taking pictures, or straight up reaching out to touch. Sarah was flattered by the attention but agreed that it was a little too much.

Anyway, we all talked to Flint, and we tweaked the personality routines a bit, removing sexually or violently negative intent from the general populace. It made the environment feel a lot more positive. Apparently Veronica ran into the same otter from before, who had a visible erection, but he kept it to himself and politely complemented her shirt. So, yeah, better?

Even so, Sarah seems to have some really devious ideas of her own now that she can actually do something with the random characters around the projected town. She has asked Flint to help her continue to tweak things so she can build some kind of modeling agency of some kind, I’m not exactly sure. I’m a little nervous to get involved because Veronica seems very interested as well, and I don’t think I need to see that.

Whelp, time to feed Ginger.

Captain O’Connor