Back to Work

So… it has been two months since I’ve written one of these things.

I don’t even know where to start. It feels weird to be sitting down and recording a log.

Two months ago, we activated the custom programming for the reality dome. And it was, in a word, amazing. We basically started spending all of our time in there. At first, we were taking turns, basically going in there, generating a random ‘dome-head,’ which is our fun name for a computer-created reality dome character, and then just… sex. So much sex.

Eventually, we stopped taking turns. Veronica was the one who initiated it. I was completely naked, alternating between two different dome girls, when Veronica just walks right in. I tried to protest, but she exclaimed that she was horny and she needed it, and she wouldn’t look if I didn’t look. I barely had a chance to look away by the time she was stripping.

At that point, I had Sarah help me design a couple of themed ‘hotel’ rooms in the dome, so at least we could all have some privacy while we used it at the same time. It worked surprisingly well.

The dome-heads are really quite devoid of personality. Like, yeah, you can talk to them and they’ll give basic responses, but they’re emotionless. But my goodness, can they put out. And you can customize them to whatever you want. Guys and gals, I didn’t care, I tried them all (I definitely prefer ladies but honestly? It’s kind of fun to just hang onto a dick for support from time to time, I didn’t think I’d be into that but here I am).

Sarah and I basically went into some sort of stasis in terms of our relationship. We still ate together, still hung out, but there was no real pressure on either of our parts to make things progress to the point of intimate, private, sexual contact. And honestly, neither of us really had an issue with it. We still talk and hang out like we’re in a relationship, and Sarah even sleeps in my bed (and vice versa) multiple times a week, we just don’t really have sex. And it’s weird, because we both know we’re having sex in the reality dome, but we don’t particularly talk about that, either. It’s just that *thing* that we both do, separately, multiple times a day.

Of course, the tremendous amount of time in the dome eventually became a problem. We began spending more and more time in there. Sometimes some of us would be in there for an entire day, maybe more. Eventually, we got creative with the locations, walking through generated jungles, deserts, castles, villages, all kinds of stuff, basically to find new places to bang people. Some times, we’d just sleep in there, and start right up the next day.

So when I had the gut-wrenching realization that we managed to go without feeding Ginger for two days, I knew something had to change.

I stepped out of the dome, fed her an excess of rations, offered her the sincerest, most desperate apology I could muster up (she assumed we died and was actually quite pleased), and now I’m here, in my quarters, while the others are still presumably boning something.

I can see now why Olivia O’Connor had the place shut down. I’m definitely not going to do that, but I am going to have to come up with a schedule, perhaps a limiter that prevents anyone from using it during certain hours, to ensure we’re getting all of our necessary work done first.

Captain O’Connor