Decryption Complete

Holy shit. Flint actually pulled it off.

He decrypted the access codes for the custom programming for the Reality Dome.

When he called me over the radio, I asked him to meet me at the entrance so that we could test it out. Funny enough, I was met by Veronica, Flint, and even Sarah, who all seemed curiously eager to find out what this change could do. It was actually the first time Sarah had seemed upbeat since the incident a few weeks ago, so I was pretty happy that this might be something that perks her up.

Flint entered in the codes, and I followed them up with my personal command code, and… nothing happened. Just a simple ‘code confirmed’ and that was it. I don’t know what exactly I expected, but certainly something more than that.

I had the terminal list off all available programs in the reality room, and sure enough, they were all the same. Farming. Electrical work. Fitness. All of the same boring stuff.

After wondering what went wrong, we were all about to head back to our stations, but Sarah insisted we wait. She told us to start the farming program, which I very reluctantly did, and we followed her inside. She looked around at everything, and frowned. I wasn’t quite sure what she was thinking about, until she called out:

“System – Change the color of the sky from blue to red.”

And it happened. The sky changed colors. This wasn’t exactly something we had thought to do before, so I wasn’t really convinced. I said something along the lines of “could it always do that? What if we were farming in an environment with a red atmosphere?”

Sarah, hands on her hips, looked around again, wondering what we could customize. She then walked right up to the holographic instruction Kona in the middle of the room.

“System – Remove this farmer’s pants.”

Holy shit. I couldn’t believe it. Neither could Flint and Veronica. The farmer stood there before us, dick hanging out, breezing in the simulated wind, like he’d done it a thousand times before without any qualms.

I don’t know if I need to go into greater detail, but I totally will. The four of us took turns posing the nude farmer, making him perform acts of self satisfaction on himself, we even made him urinate on some of the simulated plants. It wasn’t until Veronica asked if we could add more characters that we realized what we had truly unlocked.

After plopping some Kona (and even a few Tika) around the farm (for the record, it doesn’t look like a farm anymore, Sarah turned the plants into many phallus shaped objects), Veronica politely asked if she could have a half an hour with the reality room, alone. The only reason we agreed is because we figured we could take this time to finish our duties for the day and come up with plans for our own nonsense. Sarah has not stopped smiling, and I can’t get over it. This is going to be so much fun!

Captain O’Connor