Sarah and I haven’t really been hanging out much this week.

She really hasn’t come out of her room much at all, other than to eat, but she’s not very open to conversation. She’s really hurting, and I think it’s because she feels somewhat betrayed by Ginger now. All of those times she spent sitting outside of Ginger’s room, talking to her, telling her about her day, trying to get her to respond, and it turns out Ginger was only listening because she wanted the intercom activated so she could fuck with the wiring. On top of that, kicking Sarah in the face on her way out really drove the point home that she wasn’t interested in being friends.

I’ve been trying to give her the space she needs, but I’m admittedly concerned that it’s affecting our relationship as well. I’m sure it’s just Sarah needing the time and space to process this for a bit (believe me, we have a lot of that here), but I mean, I’m scared. I wish there was a way I could ask her if things are alright between us without sounding extraordinarily selfish, because I feel like that is exactly how it sounds.

To pass the time, I’m reading a few more logs from historical captains. True to her word, Olivia O’Connor has not spoken about the reality dome or the effects of her locking it. Strangely though, she stops making any logs at all. It’s like she just… stopped being Captain. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Captain O’Connor