Damage Repair

Ginger tried to escape – while I was writing yesterday’s log.

Apparently, the entire time Sarah was talking to her, Ginger wasn’t even listening. She was actually attempting to take apart the panel behind the intercom system in her room, but the only way she could test the connections was if there was power flowing through the panel at the right voltage, which by unfortunate chance only occurs when someone tries talking through it.

So, Ginger shorted out some wires, somehow rigged them to the door, and forced it open.

Unfortunately, Sarah got a swift kick to the face, and Flint, Veronica, and I had to go searching the entire ship for her while Sarah spent the evening in her own room, crying.

We cleared the ship deck by deck, we finally caught Ginger on a second pass, trying to reactivate the escape pod that she landed in when they first boarded the ship. Unfortunately, restraining her was not an easy task. We were trying to avoid hurting Ginger but she had no qualms with hurting us. Veronica felt most comfortable grappling her at which point Ginger just started kicking and flailing. It took Veronica, Flint and I literally laying on top of her for a few minutes to finally calm her down. I felt kind of bad, I think it was humiliating for her.

Probably a good thing Sarah wasn’t there to watch it all unfold, I feel like Ginger would have been more violent at that point. I’m just glad she didn’t bite anybody this time.

Anyway, we’ve put Ginger in a different room now, we have to repair the damage she did to the ship on her way out. Apparently she busted up the intercom and the door, but she also damaged some key systems around the ship as she was running away from us. I don’t know if it was just to distract us, or to intentionally sabotage the ship, but either way, it’s a bit of a mess to clean up.

At least it will give us something to do, right?

Captain O’Connor