Reality Dome

So, I took Sarah into the Projected Augmented Reality Field, and showed her some of our training simulations. Apparently, the Tika ship didn’t have any form of simulation generator, so this was all completely new to Sarah. She had to step inside and outside of the simulator because she was convinced there was no possible way that we were storing an ‘entire’ farm inside of what amounts to a small-looking room from the outside.

I cycled through the different available programs. She saw the farm, the fitness center (which we call the ‘gym,’ even though I’m not sure what that word means), and various testing modules wherein she attempted to connect wiring from power source A to output B, advancing her way all the way up to repairing processing relays that we very rarely have to service around the ship. It was really quite interesting. Seeing her perform mundane tasks in a simulated environment that I’d been in WAY TOO MANY times in my life, but with a fresh, excited perspective, was amazing. She genuinely loved every bit of the simulator, even watching the plants grow!

At one point, as we were sitting out in the middle of the ‘farm,’ she quietly rested her head on my shoulder. She seemed relaxed, possibly for the first time since she’d been on this ship. Like she was finally accepting her fate in the situation she had established for herself ever since she escaped from the Canvas. It was nice. I was within milimeters from leaning my head up against hers, only for her to jolt up, while shouting “DID YOU SEE? THEY GREW! I SAW THE ONIONS GROW! LOOK!” as she immediately trampled her way through a simulated parsnip row.


I’m going to try to set up a surprise picnic on this farm. I hope I can express my feelings to her then.

Captain O’Connor