Reading More Logs

So I decided to read through a few more logs. I’m sort of skipping around a little bit at times, mostly when it seems like a log is just a captain typing out of boredom rather than purpose. I feel like Captain Forrester made a log almost every day, out of a sense of duty, thinking it might help future captains. I suppose we’ll see if any of this helps me do my job, considering the circumstances.

It seems as though Captain Topper, our second captain, took great joy in the reality dome. Of course I’m referring to the Projected Augmented Reality Field, but we call it reality dome because it is dome shaped and it simulates, well, reality. Captain Topper spent a great deal of time in the dome, as he felt it made him feel like he was truly home again. There are a number of entries where he mentioned having trouble doing his job because of how much time he spent in there. Apparently there we others who neglected their duties for similar reasons, too.

Frankly, I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Maybe he lived on a farm before he boarded the ship as a young adult, and the farm training programs gave him a sense of nostalgia. I don’t know. The reality dome is just exhausting.

It looks like he doesn’t have too many entries. I’m guessing he quit being captain because he wanted to spend more time farming and less time on the bridge. I suppose I’ll find out when I read more.

Predictably, still no response from the Tika ship, but it’s only been ten days, so they probably haven’t even received our response yet. Occasionally I’ll tune in and still hear their distress call pretty clearly, so I think they were already headed in our direction. That might shorten the transit time for the message.

Captain O’Connor