A ship as big as this, where I spend pretty much all of my time on the bridge, Flint spends all of his time in engineering, and Veronica spends all of her time in her quarters or sleeping in the maintenance ducts – and I still get caught.

I swear, I’ve been the only one to step foot on the bridge in the past three months, easily. It’s basically my home. My personal space. So I figure, fuck it, why not try jacking off up here? I sat there in my captains chair, whipped it out, and went to town.

So why is it that this is the one time that Veronica decided to sneak onto the bridge to try to surprise me?

And of course, when I panic and stuff it all back into my suit, it turns out that the only reason she came up to the bridge is because she’s out of books. She asked me if I knew of any more on the ship. Apparently she read them all.

There are no more new books for her to read. Ever. And apparently that was her primary source of entertainment. And we’ve got just under two more years to go. Looks like I’m going to hear a lot more complaints from Flint about being pestered by Veronica. And I know damn well that Veronica’s not going to listen to me if I tell her to stop.

Maybe I should let her read some of the reports from the other captains when I’m done with them.

Captain O’Connor